Presentation of Stadiums in Euro 2012:

List of Stadiums:

1.Stadion Narodowy (Warsaw)
2.Baltic Arena (Gdansk)
3.Stadium of Lech Poznan
4.Stadion Miejski in Wroclaw
5.Stadion Slaski in Chorzow (Reserve Object)
6.Stadium of Wisla Cracow (Reserve Object)
7.Olympic Stadium in Kiev
8.Shakhtar Stadium
9.Stadion Meteor

Stadion Narodowy in Warsaw

Capacity:60 000
Sport Clubs:-
Cost:400mln PLN
Build Time:?-2010
Project: Kurylowicz & Associoates
In Project:Stadium with hotel base, expo, trade center and railway station.
Notices: Stadium will be arena of Euro 2012. 3 group matches (include opening match), one quarter final and half final.

Stadion Narodowy w Warszawie (168 KB) Stadion Narodowy w Warszawie (148 KB)

Baltic Arena

Capacity:40 000
Sport Clubs:OSP Lechia Gdańsk
Cost:671mln PLN
Build Time:2007/2008 - 2010
Project: biuro projektowe Rhode-Kellermann-Wawrowsky (Dworf)
In Project: Conference Centrum
Notices: 3 group matches and one quarter final

Stadium of Lech Poznan

Capacity: 46 500
Sport Clubs: KKS Lech Poznań
Country: Poland
City: Poznan
Cost: 152 mln PLN
Build Time: 2004-2010
Project: Modern Construction Systems Sp. z o.o.
Notices: 3 Group Matches

Stadion Miejski in Wroclaw

Capacity: 42 000
Sport Clubs: Slask
Country: Poland
City: Wroclaw
Cost: ok. 400mln PLN
Build Time: 2007-2009
In Project: Shopping Center
Notices: 3 Group Matches, Name is not finally.

Stadion Slaski

Capacity: 50 000
Sport Clubs: -
Country: Poland
City: Chorzów
Cost: 85mln PLN
Build Time: 2006-2008
Project: Zaklad Projektowania i Wdrozen TB Sp. z o. o.
Adress: ul. Katowicka 10, Chorzów
Notices: Stadium is reserve object for Euro 2012.

Stadium of Wisla Cracow

Capacity: 35 000
Sport Clubs: Wisla
Country: Poland
City: Cracow
Cost: ?
Build Time: 2004-2010
Project: Wojciech Obtulowicz (Studio Architektoniczne sp. z o.o.)
Adress: Reymonta 22, Cracow
Notices: Stadium is reserve object for Euro 2012.

Olympic Stadium in Kiev

Capacity: 83 053
Sport Clubs: Arsenal, Dynamo
Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev
Cost: ?
Build Time: ? - 2011
Notices: Main arena in Euro 2012. 3 Group Matches, Quarter Final and Final

Shakhtar Stadium

Capacity: 50 000
Sport Clubs: FC Shakhtar
Country: Ukraine
City: Donetsk
Cost: 200mln $
Build Time: 06.2006-05.2008
Project: Arup Sport Company
Adress: Skakhtar Museum, Shopping Center, Cafeteria, Conference Centers
Notices: 3 Group Matches, Quarter Final, Half Final

Stadion Meteor

Capacity: 31 000
Sport Clubs: FC Dnipro
Country: Ukraine
City: Dnipropetrovsk
Cost: 25mln $
Build Time: 09.2004-02.2007
Notices: 3 Group Matches